How to replace a tumble dryer belt, Whirlpool, Bauknecht, Bosch, Ignis, Maytag, Proline,

Here is a step by step guide of the process:

How to replace a tumble dryer belt:,

This video will show you how to replace and change the belt on your tumble dryer for models listed below, we are replacing this belt 1965H6 with a 1965H7 this means it has got one extra rib on the belt which gives it more strength. In most cases the tumble dryer belt is snapped or burned through you will normally find the old belt at the bottom of the appliance. It is very important to Aligning the belt on the jockey wheels and drum after fitting see video on this.

They wear out for a couple of reasons

The tumble dryer has been overloaded to the point where the drum cannot turn so the belt slips or stops moving and the motor pulley continues to spin burning its way through the drive belt.

A tumble dryer can be overloaded by putting too much laundry in it or, by putting laundry that is too heavy into it, both have the same effect, they stop the drum from moving.

Other possible reason for this are, a jockey pulley or tensioning wheel that’s faulty or the motor shaft itself.

BAUKNECHT TRA5470 (856054715000), TRAK6460 (856064615000), TRAK6460 (856064615003), TRAK6460 (856064615004)
BOSCH WTA3000/01, WTA3002GB/01 IGNIS AWL200 (854020015000), AWL230 (854023015000)
MAYTAG MDE2441AGW (852130035990), MDE2441AGW (852130035991)
PROLINE TDV65 (854023515000), TDV65 (854023515001), TDV65 (854023515002)
WHIRLPOOL AWZ110 (857511015000), AWZ110 (857511015010), AWZ121 (857512115000), AWZ129 (857512915000), AWZ135 (857513515010), AWZ210 (857521015000), AWZ2103 (857521015030), AWZ2103 (857521015031), AWZ220 (857522015000), AWZ2303 (857523015030), AWZ2303 (857523015031), AWZ2303 (857523015130), AWZ2303 (857523015131), AWZ2303 (857523015132), AWZ231 (857523115000), AWZ233 (857523315000), AWZ241 (857524115000), AWZ2413 (857524115030), AWZ2413 (857524115031), AWZ3303 (857533015030), AWZ3303 (857533015031), AWZ3303 (857533015032), AWZ3303 (857533015033), AWZ3303 (857533015034), AWZ3413 (857534115030), AWZ3413 (857534115031), AWZ3413 (857534115032), AWZ3513 (857535115070), AWZ3513 (857535115071), AWZ3518 (857535115080), AWZ3518 (857535115081), AWZ3519 (857535115090), AWZ3520 (857535215090), AWZ3521 (857535315090)

Grab the necessary parts and start repairing

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  1. Zack Khalifah says : Reply

    Brilliant! really helped me out. with my AWZ541

  2. Sabine Benz says : Reply

    Had a problem with the water pipe, could solve it with your instructions.

  3. Martine MASY says : Reply

    thx you for this video helped me too 🙂

  4. katerina pizania says : Reply

    thank you sooooo much for your very helpful video!!!!!!!! even though our
    dryer is slightly different your video provided us with all the necessary

  5. Monique Boogaart says : Reply

    Thank you for this video. Even women can fix this.
    My Whirlpool dryer was a lot more work. Needed to remove the ventilator to
    be able to put the belt around the wheels.
    But I was able to do it on my own without any help thanks to this video. 🙂

  6. Peter Kyjovsky says : Reply

    What is the ohm reading for good NTC2 thermistor in room temperature on
    heater body?

  7. Colin Griffiths says : Reply

    watched the easy explained video and did the job thanks guys

  8. Kefkef Karina says : Reply

    Hello. Just wanted to say thank you for this video. My model is an AWZ 650,
    which required a few extra stages of disassembly before I could get to the
    motor spline and jockey wheels, but I was able to figure that for myself.
    You got me started and gave good, clear advice throughout.

    Thanks again!

  9. Liam Geoghegan says : Reply

    thanks man this is the same one we have and the belt is after snapping so
    htis looks quick and easy thanks

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