How a Washing machine water valve works

Here is a step by step guide of the process:

Common faults why water does not go into your washing machine:

1 The water only goes into machine at certain points of the washing machine program.

2 The washing machine slowly fills when the power is of the machine.

3 The washing machine starts but then stops with only a small amount of water in the drum. (this is normally low water pressure or blocked filter in the water valve)

4 No water goes into the machine at all.

This video on water valves will show you the faults


Grab the necessary parts and start repairing

3 Responses to “How a Washing machine water valve works”

  1. MrTonyshit80 says : Reply

    Thanks you very much….Now i,m very clear about the solenoid works….well done, go head with your works to educate the peoples around the world….Good job…

  2. rgmanby says : Reply

    Can’t hear whats being said because of the music?

  3. Ernie Mazepa says : Reply

    We have a three year old samsung front end washer which should have been
    used asa boat anchor. I have replaced the motherboard, had a repairman in
    and my problem is still there. What is happening is the machine does not
    work on the regular cycles, but works on the delecate cycles. really p od,
    dont want to spend more money on this junk..

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