Blomberg washing machine is not spinning, How to replace carbon brushes.

Here is a step by step guide of the process:

This video will show you how to replace Blomberg washing machine carbon brushes with a Selni motor, we are working on a Blomberg but this guide is good for most makes that have a Selni motor

If your Blomberg washing machine is not spinning or it is filling with water but the drum is not turning then it is a good chance that you Blomberg carbon brushes have worn out.

To take out a motor on a Blomberg washing machine might sound scary, but it’s a surprisingly easy to replace and then fit the carbon brushes.

  • Remove the back panel.
  • Then you need to remove the washing machine belt that is attached to the motor and drum pulley.
  • You will now need to remove the bolts that attach the motor to the washing machine drum.
  • Release the motor of the drum brackets or lugs, be careful it’s heavy.
  • Next you need to remove the old Blomberg carbon brushes.
  • You need to clean the armature up.
  •  fit new Blomberg carbon brushes according to the video instruction.

Grab the necessary parts and start repairing

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