LG Washing Machine Door Seal opn 4986ER1003A

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LG Washing Machine Door Seal opn 4986ER1003A

Manufacturer Number  LG 4986ER1003A


Product Description

LG Washing Machine Door Seal opn 4986ER1003A

This is a genuine spare for select LG washing machines. Prior to purchase please check the model fit list to make sure the product is correct for you

Manufacturer Number  LG 4986ER1003A

Door Gasket Weight 0.16kg

Genuine spare for select LG washing machines Genuine LG spare part Manufacturer Number  opn 4986ER1003A to fit models below (If you can´t find your model number, please contact us and we will find it for you)
DWD-11151FB, DWD-13151FB, DWD-16120FD, DWD11151FB, DWD13151FB, DWD16120FD, NWD-13151FB, NWD13151FB, WD-10112FD, WD-10120FD, WD-10121FD, WD-10125FD, WD-10130F, WD-10130FU, WD-10131F, WD-10160F, WD-10160FU, WD-10230FB, WD-1054FB, WD-1060FD, WD-1061FD, WD-1074FB, WD-1074FBQ, WD-1076FB, WD-1080FD, WD-1090FB, WD-1090FHB, WD-11120FB, WD-11150FB, WD-11151FB, WD-11155FB, WD-11401FB, WD-1174FHB, WD-1176FB, WD-12112FD, WD-12120FB, WD-12120FD, WD-12121FD, WD-12150FB, WD-12151FB, WD-12230FB, WD-12235FB, WD-12320FD, WD-12350FD, WD-1254FB, WD-1256FB, WD-1271FB, WD-1274FB, WD-1276FB, WD-1280FB, WD-13120FB, WD-13150FB, WD-13151FB, WD-13155FB, , WD-13380FB, WD-13401FB, WD-1374FHB, WD-14110FD, WD-14112FD, WD-14115FD, WD-14120FD, WD-14121FD, WD-14125FD, WD-14126FD, WD-14350FD, WD-1460FD, WD-1460FHD, WD-1465FD, WD-1466FD, WD-1485FD, WD-16100FD, WD-16105FD, WD-16106FD, WD-16110FD, WD-16115FD, WD-16117FD, WD-16120FD, WD-16350FD, WD-16400FD, WD-16401FD, WD-3201FHD, WD-3203FHD, WD-65130F, WD-80130F, WD-80130FU, WD-80160F, WD-80160FU, WD-8054FB, WD-8074FB, WD-90150FB, WD-90155FB, WD-A1601FD, WD-B1601FD, WD10112FD, WD10120FD, WD10121FD, WD10125FD, WD10130F, WD10130FU, WD10131F, WD10160F, WD10160FU, WD10230FB, WD1054FB, WD1060FD, WD1061FD, WD1074FB, WD1074FBQ, , WD1076FB, WD1080FD, WD1090FB, WD1090FHB, WD11120FB, WD11150FB, WD11151FB, WD11155FB, WD11401FB, WD1174FHB, WD1176FB, WD12112FD, WD12120FB, WD12120FD, WD12121FD, WD12150FB, WD12151FB, WD12230FB, WD12235FB, WD12320FD, WD12350FD, WD1254FB, WD1256FB, WD1271FB, WD1274FB, WD1276FB, WD1280FB, WD13120FB, WD13150FB, WD13151FB, WD13155FB, WD13380FB, WD13401FB, WD1374FHB, WD14110FD, WD14112FD, WD14115FD, WD14120FD, WD14121FD, WD14125FD, WD14126FD, WD14350FD, WD1460FD, WD1460FHD, WD1465FD, WD1466FD, WD1485FD, WD16100FD, WD16105FD, WD16106FD, WD16110FD, WD16115FD, WD16117FD, WD16120FD, , WD16350FD, WD16400FD, WD16401FD, WD3201FHD, WD3203FHD, WD65130F, WD80130F, WD80130FU, WD80160F, WD80160FU, WD8054FB, WD8074FB, WD90150FB, WD90155FB, WDA1601FD, WDB1601FD, WM-10240F, WM-1080FHD, WM-1085FHD, WM-1176FHB, WM-1265FHD, WM-1280FHD, WM-1285FHD, WM-13150FB, WM-1480FHD, WM-1485FHD, WM10130F, WM10240F, WM1080FHD, WM1085FHD, WM1095FHB, WM11150FB, WM11155FB, WM1171FHB, WM1176FHB, WM1260FHD, WM1265FHD, WM1280FHD, WM1285FHD, WM1290FHB, WM1295FHB, WM13150FB, WM13155FB, WM1370FHB, WM1376FHB, WM1465FHD, WM1480FHD, WM1485, WM1485FHD, WM16100FD, WM16105FD.

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Weight 0,16 kg


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