Indesco & welling motor carbon brushes to fit washing machine

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Part number – IN12103MDAC00196539

Get your machine working like new again with the help of this pack of two replacement motor carbon brushes with holders.

This pair of carbon brushes can be used on a number of makes and models which share the same type of motor.

Specification: 6.3 mm terminals carbon slopes left to right see pictures

Type: Indesco Later Motors

Type: welling motors

Indesit, Washers fitted with the Welling & Indesco Motors
IWB51231ECOU IWC6145UKE IWD7145SUKE PWC7143SUK IWB6113ECOUK IWC71450UK IWD7145UK PWC7143WUK IWB6113UK IWC71450UKE IWD7145UKE PWDC7142WUK IWB6123UK IWD6125UK IWDC6143UK PWDC7143WUK IWB6123UKE IWD6125UKE IWDD7143SUK W101UK IWB71250UK.T IWD61450UK IWDD7143UK W101UK/A IWC6125UK IWD61450UKE IWDE7145BUK W101UK/B IWC6125UKE IWD7145KUK IWDE7145KUK W103UK/A IWC6133UK IWD7145KUKE IWDE7145SUK W103UK/B IWC6145UK IWD7145SUK IWE7145KUK W103UKBG W113UK/A W93UK/A WD11UK WDG1295WG (Before serial number 80118) W113UK/B W93UK/B WD12SUK WDG985BG W123SUK WA105UK WD12UK WDG985WG W123UK WA115UK WD12XUK WDS1000UK W123UK(BG)/M WA125UK WD14UK WE10UK W123UK(BG)/P WA135UK WDE12UK WE11UK W133SUK WA155UK WDG1095GH(G) WE12SUK W133UK WAX120UK/M WDG1095W WE12UK W161UK WAX120UK/P WDG1095WG WE13UK W83UK WD10UK WDG1195WG/1 WE14SUK WE14UK WG1034TGT WG1230(GF)G WG1385WG WE16SUK WG1034TPG WG1230G WG1386W(G) WE16UK WG1085WG WG1230GFG WG1436T(G) WG1030G WG1086G WG1230TGFG WG2020WG WG1030GT WG1130DUK WG1233TG WG820G WG1030PG WG1130TG WG1234TG WG820PG WG1033TG WG1130TGT WG1239TSG WG830TG WG1033TGT WG1130TPG WG1286G WG830TPG WG1033TPG WG113DUK WG1286SG WG833G WG1034TG WG1185WG/1 WG12G WG833PG WG920PG WG9P(G) WM12XUK WN1072WR/2 WG924G WI101UK WMS1200TXUK WG924PG WI121UK WN1060WG WG9G WI141UK WN1060WG/2
Haier CARBON BRUSHES for Welling HXGM4i.04 MOTOR A196539
Haier HW501002W
This is a genuine replacement Teka Carbon brush welling motors
Teka 40883000 brush number 54S5009-02-13
Samsung Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes Welling Motors
C00196539 IN12103

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