Candy, Hoover 2200 watt circular fan oven heating element CAN91200888

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Our Part Number: E2-CAN91200888

Alternative Part Numbers: 6499782, 82366022, 92740992, 92741008, 91200888, ELE9330


Product Description

Candy, Hoover 2200 watt circular fan oven heating element CAN91200888 to fit these models below (If you can´t find your model number, please contact us and we will find it for you)

Our Part Number: E2-CAN91200888

Alternative Part Numbers: 6499782, 82366022, 92740992, 92741008, 91200888, ELE9330


3 Turns
2200 watts

Overall Length 220 mm

Internal Diameter or Width 170 mm

Terminal Centres 25mm

Terminal Lenght 38mm

hole or Stud Centre 56mm

Plate Width 22mm

Plate Lenght 70mm

CANDY Fan oven element
2D467X; 2D468X; CI330/1W; CI330EN; CI330ES; CI330EW; CI5412/3N; CI5412/3W; CI5412/3X; CI5412/3XE; CI5412N; CI5412W; CI5412X; CI5412XE; CI654EN; CI654EW; CI654EX; CI654N; CI654W; CI654X; F132/3MUK; F132/3NUK; F132/3WUK; F132MUK; F132WUK; F134/3NUK; F134/3WUK; F134/3XUK; F211 X UK; F21M UK; F21W UK; F232/3XUK; F232XUK; F233/3BMUK; F233/3NUK; F233/3VUK; F233/3WUK; F233/3XUK; F233BLUK; F233NUK; F233VUK; F233WUK; F234/3NUK; F234/3WUK; F234/3XUK; F234MUK; F234NUK; F234WUK; F234XUK; F241/1M UK; F241/1W UK; F254/3CN; F254/3CW; F254/3CX; F254/3N; F254/3NUK; F254/3W; F254/3WUK; F254/3X; F254/3XAUS; F254/3XOS; F254/3XUK; F2540X; F254CN; F254CW; F254CX; F254N; F254W; F254X; F254XAUS; F254XOS; F255/3X; F2550X; F255X; F330/1FRW; F330FRN; F330FRS; F330FRW; F330N; F330S; F330W; F330WISR; F331/1M UK; F331/1W UK; FFN403X; FFN8071XL; FFN807XL; FFN817XL; FHP827X; FHP927X; FHP975X; FL132NUK; FL132WUK; FL132XUK; FL134NUK; FL134WUK; FL134XUK; FLGK1331TB; FNP602X; FNP622X; FNP815X; FNP815XUK; FNP825X; FNP827AL; FNP827X; FNPC825X; FP602XUK; FP622N; FP622W; FP622X; FP622XAUS; FP815AL; FP815N; FP815NUK; FP815WUK; FP815X; FP815XUK; FP825AL; FP825X; FP825XAUS; FP827AL; FP827ALAUS; FP835CAL; FP835CN; FP835CW; FP835CX; FPC825AL; FPC825X; FPP403N; FPP403W; FPP403X; FPP406X; FPP407N; FPP407W; FPP407X; FPP825X; FPP827X; FS817AQUA; FS828ZEN; FS975ZEN; FVH927X; FVP927X; OVC245/1MUK; OVC245/1WUK; OVC245M U.K.; OVC245W U.K.; OVF215/1M UK; OVF215/1W UK; OVF215M U.K.; OVF215W U.K.; OVF245/1BLUK; OVF245/1GFUK; OVF245/1M UK; OVF245/1W UK; OVF245BL U.K; OVF245GF U.K; OVF245M U.K.; OVF245W U.K.; OVF265/1M UK; OVF265/1W UK; OVF265M U.K.; OVF265W U.K.; R241/1M UK; R241/1W UK; R241/2M UK; R241/2W UK; R43/3GHCRUK; R43/3XUK.
GASFIRE Fan oven element
FI1040MPN; FI1040MPW; FX1040MP.
HOOVER Fan oven element
HFO0415/1X; HFO415/1B; HFO415/1W; HFO415/1X; HFO415B; HFO415W; HFO415X; HMO837X; HOC704X; HOP2043B; HOP2043W; HOP2043X; HOP4074X; HOP4075VX; HOP455X; HOS4075VX; HOS4075VXDIS; HOS456X; HOS556X.
KELVINATOR Fan oven element
CIK303M; CIK303W; FK3030M; FK3030W; FK303M ITES; FK303W ITES.
ROSIERES Fan oven element
F144IN; F144PN; F144RB; FC3163/1IN; FC3163IN; FC3163INIL; FR2040/3IN; FR2040IN; FR2050/3IN.

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