1800w fan oven element Beko, Blomberg, Flavel, Howden, Lamona and Leisure.

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Product Description

1800w fan oven element 262900074

Manufacturer’s Code – 262900074 082639640,

High Quality Replacement Element

Length – 225mm Width – 205mm Bracket Length – 70mm Distance Between Tags (wire connectors) – 25mm

This element fits models listed below

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Beko fan oven element
Beko Model Numbers,
Beko BD634S, Beko BD634W, Beko BDC643K, Beko BDC643S, Beko BDC643W, Beko BDVC663K, Beko BDVC663W, Beko BDVC664K, Beko BDVC664S, Beko BDVC664W, Beko BDVC665W, Beko BDVC667S, Beko BDVC667W, Beko BDVC667X, Beko BDVC668W, Beko BDVC668X, Beko BDVF696XP, Beko BDVI668X, Beko BSC630S, Beko BSC630W, Beko COOK69DFK, Beko DBDF243WG, Beko DBDM223X, Beko DBM243BG, Beko ODF21300B, Beko ODF21300F, Beko ODF21300W, Beko ODF22300X, Beko OIF21100W, Beko OIF21101X, Beko OIF21300, Beko OIF21300B, Beko OIF21300W, Beko OIF22000X, Beko OIF22100X, Beko OIF22300X, Beko OIF22300XL, Beko OIF22300XR, Beko OIF22301XL, Beko OIF22301XR, Beko OIM22300X, Beko OIM22500XP, Beko OIM25501X, Beko OIM25502X, Beko OIM25503X, Beko OIM25702, Beko OIM2N100X, Beko OIM2N300X, Beko OSF21121X, Beko OSF21133SX, Beko OSF22110X, Beko OSF22120X, Beko OSF22125X, Beko OSF22130SX, Beko OSF22130X, Beko OSF22135SX, Beko OUM2N100X, Beko OUM2N300X
Blomberg fan oven element
Blomberg  Model Numbers, Blomberg  BDO9564X, Blomberg  BEO9414X, Blomberg  BEO9444X, Blomberg  BEO9576X, Blomberg  BEO9790X, Blomberg  HKN9310, Blomberg  HKN9310Z
Euromaid fan oven element
Euromaid  Model Numbers,
 Euromaid  BS8, Euromaid  BW8, Euromaid  C90S, Euromaid  CDDB60, Euromaid  CDDS60, Euromaid  CDDW60, Euromaid  DS1, Euromaid  ES60, Euromaid  EW60, Euromaid  GE90S, Euromaid  MS8, Euromaid  MW8, Euromaid  PGE90S, Euromaid  PS12, Euromaid  PS90S
Flavel fan oven element
Flavel   Model Numbers , Flavel   FDC90X, Flavel   FDF90X, Flavel   FL92FRXP, Flavel   FL95CRK, Flavel   FL95CRX, Flavel   FL95FRKP, Flavel   FL95FRXP, Flavel   FL96FRKP, Flavel   FLS61FX, Flavel   FLS63FX, Flavel   FLV91FX, Flavel   ML61CDS, Flavel   ML61CDW
Howedens fan oven element
Howdens Model Numbers Howdens LAM3400, Howdens LAM3600, Howdens LAM4600,
Lamona fan oven element
Lamona Model Numbers Lamona HJA3400, Lamona HJA3660, Lamona HJA4620, Lamona LAM3400, Lamona LAM3600, Lamona LAM4600, Lamona LAM4601
Leisure fan oven element
Leisure Model Numbers Leisure GRB6CVC, Leisure GRB6CVK, Leisure GRB6CVR, Leisure GRB6FVK, Leisure LEVC67W, Leisure LEVC67X, Leisure LEVI68X,

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