Washing Machine Carbon Brushes

The washing machine has stopped spinning or drum not revolving is one of the most common problems that washing machine repair engineers are called to. The problem in most cases is simply the carbon brushes in the motor have failed.
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To call out the manufacture to replace the carbon brushes is going to cost you in the region of £50 – £100. We will show you how to replace your washing machine carbon brushes in our videos and tutorials.
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AEG Washing Machine Carbon Brush – Sole Motor

Our Part Number: a4f2-un12102
Manufacturer’s Code: 4006020152


Ariston, Hotpoint, Indesit ETC Washing Machine Ceset Motor Carbon Brushes C00194594

Our part number a4b1-lux50265479001
Alternative Part Number: SV1202, LUX50216397005


Bosch & Neff washing machine motor carbon brush

Bosch & Neff washing machine motor carbon brush
Our Part Number: BSH605694
Manufacturer Code: 00605694
Alternative Part Numbers: BS12106, BS12204


Carbon brushes for Bosch, Neff, Siemens motors,

5 out of 5

Replacement motor carbon brushes for your Bosch washing machine.

Manufacturer’s Code – CBN2222

Other Product Codes – BSH154740, 9991, C00252589, bs12203, bs12103

Suitable for the following appliances models below:


FHP Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes

Our Part Number: a6b2-MDAC00201861

Alternative Part Numbers: 1603910, AG12103, C00201861


Hoover Washing Machine Carbon Brushes 97916670

Our Part Number: F59-97916670
Alternative Part Numbers are: 91212332, CAN97916670, HV12101


Hoover Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes CAN09036062

Our Part Number: a4f3- CAN09036062
Alternate Part Numbers: CAN09036062, HV1205, 12-HV-12, 5031682026571, CBN4321


Hotpoint Motor Carbon Brushes C00251802

Our Part Number: a4b3-c00251802
Manufacturer’s Code – C00251802