Tumble Dryer Belts

When looking for your Tumble Dryer belt it is important that you order the correct Tumble Dryer belt either by the size information on the drive belt itself or by using the Tumble Dryers model number to ensure that you receive the correct Tumble Dryer drive belt.
Tumble Dryer belts are often of the type that is referred to in the trade as a “stretch” type drive belt. The “stretch” to fit very slightly and are or, can be, incredibly tight and difficult to fit see our videos on how to fit a belt. For a novice it can look as though it is impossible to fit one of these tumble dryer drive belts but, if the sizes are correct it will fit.
How to replace a Tumble Dryer belt
If you can´t find your Tumble Dryer belt, please contact us with your full make and model and we will find it for you
To call out the manufacture to replace a Tumble Dryer belt is going to cost you in the region of £50-£70. We will show you how to replace the Tumble Dryer belt in our videos and tutorials for Free!
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Tumble Dryer Belt – 1965H6 for your Whirlpool.

Tumble Dryer Belt – 1965H6

Our Part Number: b6p2-WHP481235818186


9 Rib Stretch Tumble Dryer Drive Belt Contitech 144001958 9PHE 1860

9 Rib Stretch Tumble Dryer Drive Belt Contitech 144001958 9PHE 1860 fits ARISTON, HOTPOINT, INDESIT, PROLINE and CREDA
Our Part Number: B2-C00145707
Alternative Part Numbers C00145707, 1703666


Tumble Dryer Drive Belt – 1991 H6

Tumble Dryer belt suitable for select Ariston, Creda, Hotpoint, Indesit & Proline models.