Candy Oven Element 33700637 09390043 MOD FPP 403 X

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hi drew this is the element for your oven listed below

Message : Hi folks Last week, I was cooking a pizza, when the oven and television went off. Scary!! It tripped the electric circuit. When I switched it back on, the television and cooker came back on. After half an hour, I went to get my pizza. The fan was working, but it was stone cold!! Due to the wonders of Google and especially yourselves with the videos, I am convinced it is the fan heating element that I need to replace and now I know how to do it!! I\’m 58 years old and quite handy at DIY. Clean and methodical!! Anyway, enough of this!! Do you have the exact part for my oven? If so, how much? Details: CANDY OVEN 33700637 09390043 MOD FPP 403 X TYPE MR03 220/240V – 50-60 Hz 2200W M 20W M 20W I have been to a couple of websites with varying prices for a fan heating element. Not sure if some of them will be cheap compatibles. Anyway, I enjoyed the videos and thought you guys knew what you were doing, so could you let me know the availability and price, please? Thanks for your time. Might even buy the guy a beer as stated on your web page!! Regards DREW

the element  fits all these models below

FPP 403 W
FPP 403 X
FPP 406/1 X
FPP 407 N
FPP 407 W
FPP 407/1 X


Fitting Video

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