Washing machine door locked: how to repair, replace and fit a new interlock.

Here is a step by step guide of the process:

Your washing machine door won’t open this video will show you how to change the interlock.

see other video tutorials on how to open the door

Washing Machine door switches or (interlocks) come in different shapes and forms but for the most part they work either by the conventional press switch mechanism, operated when the door is closed, this normally incorporates some kind of pressure valve assembly, to hold the door locked while there is water in the drum, or via a bimetallic strip inside that heats up when an electrical charge is passed through it, causing it to bend and so operate a toggle switch mechanism. On this type of door lock there is normally a 2 to 5 minutes delay before the mechanism releases, because it takes a short time for the bimetal strip to cool down if the door will not open then try ungluing the machine from the power and on some washing machine you will need to drain the water out see other video tutorials on this.

Grab the necessary parts and start repairing

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  1. Lee Stephens says : Reply

    Thank you so much for this step by step guide..I purchased the part and set aside a day to take the machining washing apart to do this. After watching this guide, I have just completed the job in under 10 mins..I had no idea just how easy to was..again many many thanks.

  2. Katrina Hegarty says : Reply

    This method works to replace the Bosch Washing Machine WFLI2440GB/18 Electronic Door Lock, but note that the sensor behind the casing is in a plastic cover which you have to loosen before you can take the original door latch out. You kind of have to look inside the side of the machine and twiddle it to get it loose enough to slide the latch at an angle to get it out.Once you see it it all makes sense 🙂

  3. jennifer dunning says : Reply


  4. ola oseni says : Reply

    pls my washing machine door mental that hold the door togther is broken,so now the door is removed because their is no attachment to hold on to ,how can l get it and how much in euros thanks.

  5. ola oseni says : Reply

    pls my washing machine door mental that hold the door togther is broken,so now the door is removed because their is no attachment to hold on to ,how can l get it and how much in euros thanks.
    beko product

  6. Sharon Maybury says : Reply

    Fantastic help. bought the part for my machine and thought I would give it a go, Nothing to lose I thought. It worked and machine is back to working. Thanks so much

  7. Luann Conklin says : Reply

    I just successfully completed changing the electric door lock mechanism on my 1.5 year old Bosch WAS24460UC/28 thanks to the information I obtained from this video AND the tip left by other viewer. I was able to forgo the LONG wait for a repairman to get to my very rural residence and the $75 service fee I would have been charged just for him to tell me that it was the door lock part that needed replaced. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  8. David Hotchkiss says : Reply

    Worked a treat. I would never have thought of going in through the door seal, I was trying to go in through the top until I watched this. The part cost me $45, and DIY saved me the $110 call out fee. Cheers.

  9. peter walton says : Reply

    is this the same for the Bosch WIS224140/GB/27

  10. how-2-repair.com says : Reply

    yes the come of the same way

  11. Matt47xxy says : Reply

    Brilliant video, bought the part from your website and didn’t even use it,
    fixed it with the original part and have a new genuine part spare as it’s
    probably gonna happen again, flimbsy design or heavy handed, either way
    easy fix in less than 10 minutes including test.

  12. NIALL says : Reply

    i have a haier washing machine that shows an error message err 1 .which means that the door is not closed properly .i checked the interlock and noticed black like it had burned out ! so i replaced it with a new one ,but still get error message err 1 door not closed properly ,i have tried pushing the door to ensure it is shut ,but to no avail .have you any idea what might be wrong .
    many thanks .

  13. Eman Puedama says : Reply

    There’s a problem with the door lock on my aquacycle 1500, but some posters
    on the forums I’ve looked at seem to think it could be a circuit board
    fault, though others think it is the door lock itself- so I don’t know if
    it’s worth trying to replace the door lock or not.

  14. John Harris says : Reply

    Great video. If you have an interlock without screws just push the two
    little plastic lugs in and slide it inwards towards the centre of the

  15. Bob Partridge says : Reply

    The man who took my door lock off didn’t tell which way the wires go back!
    I have a red/green stripe. brown/green stripe. and a black all spade
    terminals. Can you Help?
    Bob Partridge

  16. sane sini says : Reply


  17. Dong Wang says : Reply

    What if the connector that connects to the door switch is burnt?
    Anywhere to get that replaced?

  18. Bogdan Benea says : Reply

    Great job and a very good explanation. Thank you.

  19. Paula Markert says : Reply

    I have a machine with the jubilee bolt screw thing and i took it out and
    now i don’t know how to put it back. The wire is looser than before and
    machine is leaking from the front. HELP!

  20. Dan Jackson says : Reply

    Top one guys. Thanks for that. 🙂

  21. Gladys Dunne says : Reply

    HEC 1050w is not a washer dryer,only washing .the door lock is different
    piece in door will not lift out
    can you help

  22. Henrik J. Koch says : Reply

    Isn’t just easier to change this from the top. Just take off two screws in
    the back of the top cover. Then you can get access to the door lock unit ?

  23. MrBl33t says : Reply

    Spot on, just let me fix my own machine. The wiring plug had come loose;
    you just saved me a fortune. Liking/sharing and subscribing.

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