How to test a tumble dryer that is not heating and change a thermostat that is faulty

Here is a step by step guide of the process:

This video is on a compact Zanussi but the testing and repair is very similar on most makes.

Your tumble dryer is not heating? Could Be One Of The Following:

If you have a Tumble Dryer that is not heating up but the drum is turning ok, then the chances are the thermal overload cut-out has tripped or the heater might have blown. Some older dryers have a red reset button on the back of the casing, just press the reset until you feel it click and you should have heat again white knight, creda and some other makes have this. Neff, Bosch dryers have a reset button but you will have to remove the heater cover panel to access it, you will find it just above the heating element (a black stat with small red button) simply press the red button and if it clicks you’ve fixed it or you can test it as in the video.

Most newer dryers do not have an external reset button (this is so you have to call out an engineer), but have what they call a one shot stat which cuts out and cannot be reset. These stats are normally located in or around the heater area and are very easy to replace.

The main reasons for these stats to trip are as follows:

1 The fluff filter is blocked or the pipes in machine are blocked.

2 The dryer has been switched off before the end of the drying cycle and not allowed the dryer to cool down correctly. ALWAYS LET THE DRYER GO THROUGH THE COOLING CYCLE.

3 Condenser unit blocked (condensor dryers only).

Grab the necessary parts and start repairing

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