How to replace an Electrolux washing machine door seal

Here is a step by step guide of the process:

If your Electrolux washing machine has a leak or the seal has just gone mouldy with black marks on it then you might need to fit a new one.

This video will show you how to replace a door seal also know as ( gasket, bellow, tub seal, door rubber, etc ) this video is on the new type design where you have to remove the concrete counter weight in order to replace the Electrolux door seal.

To order your Electrolux door seal you will need your full model number. (This is normally around the washing machine door frame on a sticker) click here to search for your Electrolux washing machine door seal.

If you can’t find it, contact us with your model number and we will do the work for you.

  1.  You will need to unplug your Electrolux washing machine from the electric supply before attempting to replace the seal or gasket,
  2. Two screws at back will remove the lid of the washing machine.
  3.  The facial panel will have to be removed this varies from model to model, so see our video on basic technique.
  4. Remove the front retaining band and peel the seal of the front panel.
  5. Remove the two screws that hold door lock in place.
  6. Now remove all screws that hold front panel to the chase and remove the panel from your washing machine.
  7. Now you need to remove the concrete counter weight from the drum this is held on with large torx screws, take your time with this, the concrete and the lugs that hold it in place can be brittle! Any damage to these will be expensive to replace.
  8. Remove the spring band from the door seal and replace the door seal, make sure the seal marks line up on the drum this is very important.
  9. Replace all parts then test the Electrolux washing machine for any leaks.

People describe door seals in many ways here are just a few.

Door gasket, door rubber door seal, door bellows, gasket, door boot.

Grab the necessary parts and start repairing

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  2. martinguitarhd28 says : Reply

    very good advice,,really helpful

  3. Kevin McGuire says : Reply

    Great video….any chance you have something on how to perform the same
    procedure on a 2009 model? My washer model is EIFLW55H from 2008. Thanks!

  4. Chong Ap says : Reply

    Hi ..My Electrolux model is EWF85761 which does not have a front door
    panel. Do I need to take off the concrete counter weight before installing
    the door seal? If so how? Thank you.

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    Good job! Tnx a lot!

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    Thank you very much for your video!!!! it was veryyyyy util for us (we live
    in French) Without you never we could repare it. so thank you so much

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