How to replace a Zanussi washing machine door seal.

Here is a step by step guide of the process:


This video will show you how to replace a Zanussi washing machine door seal also know as ( gasket, bellow, tub seal, door rubber, etc ) this video is on the new type design where you have to remove the concrete counter weight in order to replace the Zanussi door seal.

To order your door seal you will need your full model number. (This is normally around the washing machine door frame on a sticker) click here to search for your Zanussi washing machine door seal.

If you can’t find it, contact us with your model number and we will do the work for you.

  1. You will need to unplug your Zanussi washing machine from the electric supply  before attempting to replace the seal,
  2. Two screws at back will remove the lid of the washing machine.
  3.  The facial panel will have to be removed this varies from model to model, so see video on basic technique.
  4. Remove the front retaining band and peel the seal of the front panel.
  5. Remove the two screws that hold door lock in place.
  6. Now remove all screws that hold front panel to the chase and remove the panel from your washing machine.
  7. Now you need to remove the concrete counter weight from the drum this is held on with large torx screws, take your time with this, the concrete and the lugs that hold it in place can be brittle! Any damage to these will be expensive to replace.
  8. Remove the spring band from the door seal and replace the door seal, make sure the seal marks line up on the drum this is very important.
  9. Replace all parts then test the Zanussi washing machine for any leaks.

Grab the necessary parts and start repairing

9 Responses to “How to replace a Zanussi washing machine door seal.”

  1. says : Reply
  2. snoozingphil says : Reply

    perfect tutorial as usual but how in gods name do you change a door seal on
    older Zanussi with split cabinet??? one repair ive never mastered???

  3. Nuno Damaso says : Reply

    Hi there, I can’t open my Zanusi washing machine water filter. Is there any
    special tool to open it?

  4. Nuno Damaso says : Reply

    Thanks, it’s jammed and I stripped the machine to clean the filter.
    Nice tip!

  5. Sammy smith says : Reply

    Can you tell me the size of the type of the torx bit that you used in the
    drill to remove the bolts from the front counterweight at 4.00 mins please.
    As I had it all perfect only to realize my torx bits were all to small

  6. Carlos F Ferra says : Reply

    i can´t take the glass of my ZWG7120K out. i take the screws and the inner
    plastic piece. but then i can´t take the glass from the front part of the
    door. is there any special way to do it?
    thanks a lot

  7. Chris McGourty says : Reply

    Dude, helped so much, knew exactly what I was getting into with this vid,
    now the other half has clean drawers and the machine has clean drawers too.

  8. George Songhurst says : Reply

    Legend! Thanks so much.
    Foolishly I decided to clean the washing machine of all the fluff the day
    before I moved out of my rented house. Of course, not being trained in the
    ways of washing machine maintenance, I decided to pull the grey door rubber
    part out to clean it… well that was a mistake. What was suppose to be a 5
    minute task ended up taking me the best part of 2 hours to amend.
    Thankfully this video was on hand to tell me exactly how fix my wrong
    doing. Now I hope that it all works fine and I can get my deposit back, of
    course there is no time to test it now as I need to continue cleaning!
    Thanks for the great video, really helped me get out of this pickle… I
    hope 😀

  9. Marian Jno-Finn says : Reply

    i am having trouble with the lights – or indication of power to the
    machine. It is a Zanussi Lion 1200

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