How to replace a washing machine door seal or gasket on Hoover, Candy, Iberna, Teka, Otsein & Zerowatt.

Here is a step by step guide of the process:

This video is on how to fit and replace a washing machines door seal or gasket to select models of

Candy, Cylinda, Friac, Hoover, Iberna, Kelvinator, Maytag, Neufunk, Otsein, Rosieres, Teka & Zerowatt washing machines.

  1. Disconnect the power on the washing machine. Make sure you’re unplugged from the mains before you do any work on an electrical appliance.
  2. Remove the lid on your washing machine.
  3. Remove the tension ring under the rim of the seal at the front
  4. Flip the whole seal into the drum.
  5. Remove the tension ring holding the seal to the outer tub or drum.
  6. Now remove the old door seal from the washing machine inner drum.
  7. Clean the surface before fitting the new replacement door seal to your appliance.
  8. Make sure you get the washing machine door seal fitted correctly over the rim or lip of the drum.
  9. Make sure you line up the drain holes on the seal with the bottom of the drum.
  10. Fit the outer lip of the gasket onto the main front panel without any creases.
  11. Fit the tension ring back on to the front of the seal.
  12. Reverse of the process to put the washing machine panels back on.
  13. See video for full details as this is not an easy job as the front panel does not come off.

You can find your model number here

Here are some photos of How to replace a washing machine door seal

This is the transcript of the video

Hi welcome to how to repair
This video is on how to replace a door Seal
Where working on a hoover but this video can be
Used for candy Iberian Teka Outsein and zerowatt
And some other makes which I’ve listed
In text below the difference between this Type Of machine and others
Is the front panel could not be removed
The door seal has a couple of drain holes
Which you can see here
Which must be fitted at the bottom
First thing we need to do is remove the
Lid now this job is not for the faint-hearted
It’s quite difficult
The reason being is that Manufactures
Have decided to weld the front panel to the chassis
Of the machine which makes this a very awkward
Job there’s no thought put into it
With regards to maintenance
Now we’ve got to remove the clip here
Which holds the front part of the door Seal
To the panel it’s just a ratchet clip
You can see the teeth Lock into place as you push it together
Now we need to remove the front of the Door seal
I recommend tuck into the drum
Just peals back off the lip
Just tuck it into inside out of the way
To give you a bit more Space
But you clearly can see the hole here
Now this is the band clip which has to be undone
It’s quite difficult to get at
But as I said because the front panel does not come off
On this model of machine it’s 7mm
You could either use a spanner and a ratchet
But they will need to be a small quarter drive I recommend
And it’s a slow process of undoing it this way
Or if you have a slightly more in depth toolbox
You could attach a socket to a ratchet Screwdriver
Like I’m showing you here with a Deep socket 7 mm again
And this way you are able to turn it much easier
Most DIY car mechanics will have this type of screwdriver
It’s just a socket piece you should put on
Once the band is Undone fully
We need to remove the seal of the inner drum
And here’s the band
It’s got two tensioning points top and bottom
But you really only need to undo one
You can clearly see the large hole in the door seal
Now when fitting the new seal
I recommend cleaning up the Inner drum surface before starting
This is the tricky part trying to get the seal
On to the lip
Which you can see here
This is the plastic lip of the drum
And the seal needs to go over that
What I’m going to do now is quickly I’ll
Take the drum out of the machine
So you can clearly see what you have to do
Remember you’re going to be doing this
In situde
Just Start at one side and work your way all the way round
Occasions you’ll find it pops of
It’s a good idea to have someone helping you because
If you start on the top when you’re
Working in situde you will be able to
Get someone to hold the top
While you work the seal all the way around
Making sure that the holes the
Drainage holes at the bottom
Are at the very bottom of the drum
This allows the water to clear from the seal
When the machine is finished
Or during the cycle
The next job is to put the metal Band on
I’m showing this outside of the machine you need to
Do this uptight There is a spring on it which will put a
Little bit more Tension on
But really just to take it to a reasonable
Tight level
You could always mark it before taking off
So you can see how tight it is but of course
The new door seal will be slightly thicker
I’ll show you this in situde
Again putting the band on
Making sure that you get the nuts and bolts
In a position where you have reasonable
Access to do it up
Again I can’t emphasize this enough the right
Tools for the job do make a great difference
Now again attaching the seal to the front Panel
The same process it needs just to go over the lip
Work your way around slowly making sure
You do not twist the seal
And once You’ve Finished getting it on
Do inspect it to make sure you haven’t
Twisted the seal because if you have
It will cause it to wear much quicker
And there you go
Inspecting for any creases
Now we need to put the plastic
Retentioning clip back on
This band is designed to keep the door seal
On the Front panel
So it doesn’t come of when opening the door
And once you finish the machine make sure
Put some cardboard or newspaper
Underneath the machine to check for leaks
And there you go thanks very much for
Watching this video
Please remember to visit the website
Subscribe to our YouTube channel
And visit us on Facebook thanks very much
For watching

Grab the necessary parts and start repairing

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    A huge thank you! Without this clip it would have taken me hrs but I
    watched it twice and was done in 20mins start to finish. Thanks again. Jon

  2. Sharon Hay says : Reply

    We have a candy washing machine GO FS 262…. my husband has taken the
    gasket off and is having trouble putting it on – but ours doesnt look like
    yours ?

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    Thank you

  4. Fozan Shehab says : Reply

    Thank you

  5. koukouvania says : Reply

    will this method work for A3110? thank u

  6. Bruno Gomes says : Reply

    thanks. it helped a lot in my candy cne108t. same process but i didn`t
    remove the lid, too much work and i could do it trought the front.

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