How to replace a washing machine door lock on a Bosch Neff and Siemens.

Here is a step by step guide of the process:

This video will show you how to replace a washing machine door lock (called an interlock); we will show you a step by step procedure on the process of how to replace. We will also show you the cheapest places to buy your washing machine door lock around this page. This video can be used on Bosch Neff and Siemens or Balay.

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  2. Sergey Neverov says : Reply

    Excellent video!

  3. says : Reply

    thank you! We are a small family company that make video on appliance as you know and if you need help we will do our best. May I ask a favour of you would you be so kind to like us on your facebook channel and post our link on your time line or just send it to your friends which ever you prefer. Please remember to subscribe to our video channel
    Thanks again all the best Paul

  4. telosfd says : Reply

    Perfect, great mastoras!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jennifer says : Reply

    Thanks so much! Your video is clear and easy to follow–exactly what I needed!

  6. Ingkrit Lahungphet says : Reply

    I use this video to fix another case. Thank you very much.

  7. daniel lea says : Reply

    good tutorial

  8. Blair Brown says : Reply

    Great videos – thank you! You said we could find the best place to buy the
    parts on your website – I am having trouble locating it. Can you send me
    the link?

    Also – the screws on the door hinge are stripped – do you have any idea how
    I would fix that. (Glue is not an option!) Thanks again.

  9. Anna Ferdman says : Reply

    Thank you very much for your helpful video. Very easy to follow and really
    helped us out! Saved us big time and saved us lots of time and money

  10. Shakeel Ahmad says : Reply

    Excellent video,but if you give information for electrical connection of door lock and latch mechanism it would be more informative.

  11. Paul Dipple says : Reply

    Awesome, many thanks for the video and links to seals.. Our Bosch started
    leaking when we put a small load in and the water level reached a higher
    point than normal… 5 Minutes later, water everywhere… 🙁 Removed the
    top, filled it until it leaked then tilted the machine on a angle and
    watched the water pour out the drum side of the door seal 1/4 of the way
    up. Put it level and no leak 😉 Thank you lots Paul….

  12. Christo says : Reply

    This was a PERFECT video. Short, and give exactly the info I needed. You just saved me probably $200 for a repairman. Thank you!

  13. umit sezgin says : Reply


  14. John lennon says : Reply

    excellent tutorial thankyou…

  15. heinz kroll says : Reply

    You are very great. Really. Go on and on. I love you. It helps a lot.

  16. Mark Hanson says : Reply

    Thanks guys, this came in handy to fix my Bosch washing machine. I slam the
    door a lot because i’m a wheelchair user, and this time around I may have
    underestimated my strength. I was able to do this all by myself which is
    pretty awesome.

  17. Julie Perry says : Reply

    How to change a door handle on a new LG washing machine wd 14030d6 ??

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