How to replace a cooker hood bulb

Here is a step by step guide of the process:

It’s always irritating when a light bulb goes. Usually though, it only takes a couple of minutes to put a new one in.

Grab the necessary parts and start repairing

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  1. jconnors223 says : Reply

    Hey, thanks for this! I couldn’t find a manual or how to replace the light bulb and this was very helpful.

  2. Riku Leppanen says : Reply

    Thanks for this video. It came in handy!

  3. typografic says : Reply

    thanks mate 🙂

  4. Jae Nyeong Lee says : Reply

    very helpful to understand how to replace.

  5. Dan Piponi says : Reply


  6. aquarecif9 says : Reply


  7. oglesby1973 says : Reply

    Worked for me, cheers

  8. Peter Szacsvay says : Reply


  9. kashem1000 says : Reply

    Very helpful thanks keep up the good work

  10. beepinlaxman says : Reply

    Very helpful thanks

  11. aasimiftikhar says : Reply

    You’re a star …

  12. Joaquin Munoz says : Reply

    A HA !!!!!!!!

  13. says : Reply

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  14. raymondgrimbergen says : Reply

    Great, thank you very much.

  15. Charlie Dougan says : Reply

    Wish I had saw this before I ripped the holder out instead of simply
    pulling out lamp. AEG instruction manual could have made this clearer with
    more illustrations.

  16. Gerry Millar says : Reply

    Very helpful, thankyou, but why no instruction in handbook / manual.

  17. Mike Finn says : Reply

    Excellent. What’s the bulb spec for ordering?

  18. Fritz Rollo says : Reply

    have replaced lamp and had a problem getting glass and holder back into
    socket, have done it now but it is really loose and shaky, you can see a
    gap between clip/glass and lamp socket…. where have I gone wrong

  19. Sam Elliot says : Reply

    Thanks! This was a big help

  20. Sonni Gopal says : Reply

    very helpful…many thanks.

  21. robertgral says : Reply

    where do I get glass covers like that? my lights are identical like those
    in the video but one cover’s been broken – can’t find them on

  22. Margo Kuhn says : Reply

    Thank you!

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