How to open a washing machine door that is stuck shut.

Here is a step by step guide of the process:

Your washing machine door won’t open this video will show you a technique on how to open a washing machine door in minutes.

There are mainly reasons that a washing machine door won’t open

1                 The washing machine door handle may have broken.

2                 The pin that holds the door shut may have jammed due to the door mechanism being jammed.

3                 The electronic door lock called an interlock may be broken.

4                 The washing machine may still be full of water and therefore not letting you open the door (See other video on how to drain your washing machine down when full and it will show you how to fix the problem)


This is just a quick video to show you 3 techniques on how to open a washing machine door, but if your washing machine is still full of water see other videos on emptying yor washing machine before you try to open the door. it will stop you having a floode kitchen. people always say my? washing machine door will not open, washing machine door won’t open, how to open washing machine door, how to open a washing machine door, open washing machine door, how to open a stuck washing machine door,

Grab the necessary parts and start repairing

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  1. says : Reply
  2. furey2310 says : Reply

    so a lump hammer isn’t the best solution then?

  3. Su Qinxuyun says : Reply

    thx!!!!! you saved my life!!!

  4. TroChr says : Reply

    It worked! Brilliant

  5. Donna Selby says : Reply

    Off to try and help the little old lady next door who’s door we carn’t
    open, I will be back to let you know if I am successful. D

  6. CarlosMallorcarepara says : Reply

    Hola en reparatumismo .org canal carlosMallorcarepara teneis como abrir la
    puerta con un fleje de paquetería y con una tarjeta de crédito, saludos

  7. Geraldine Leon says : Reply

    Genius, it worked. Able to get my washing out a day and many million
    efforts later. Thank you

  8. Ashanta Mael says : Reply

    To use this technique, is the machine ON ?

  9. Jacqueline Williams says : Reply

    Thank you so much for this. I looked at about 20 different sites all with
    nothing I could really use. This worked for me and my Samsung J1045AV
    frontloader with a broken door latch. Machine was powered off, unplugged
    from the wall when I unhooked the latch with fishing line using the method
    he used on the Bosch (threading it through and pulling it toward the side
    the machine latches on). If you have trouble opening it with the machine ON
    you may have an electro-magnetic safety switch keeping the latch from
    releasing; unplugging will solve this.

  10. cheekyface says : Reply

    I have a Bosch logixx 8 sensitive (cant find anything else that is close to
    this online) I’ve tried the string/wire options and they didn’t work so I
    woudl liek to ask if by chance you can tell me how to open the door on such
    a unit?

    The door was left ajar and I kicked it on passing by the machine but didn’t
    realize that I must have broken something on doing so (I think this is the
    case). Once we shut the door it wouldn’t open again after the load was
    finished. We tried running a different cycle in the hope it would trigger
    the door to open once completed but no luck. I’m guessing the problem may
    be more than just the latch not opening and I’ve looked at several youtube
    videos about opening wahser doors but most of them refer to similar
    techniques with string or wire. I’ve removed the lid from the top and tried
    to fidgit around near where the latch would be but there is nothing obvious
    there either. Very small space and I can barely move my hand around. The
    latch mechanism doesn’t look like the one in your video so I’m just
    guessing at what to do with it.

    As I said I suspect it may be electrical. Possibly whatever the trigger is
    to release the door latch wasnt activated at the end of the wash cycle.
    Is there any other way to remove the door in this case?
    (Was actually wondering if there is any kind of system reset button or code
    to see if that releases the latch. I never looked closely at what keeps the
    door closed before this happened and so far can’t see anything online that
    helps identify this so I don’t know what the latch looks like. Most of what
    I have found shows a hook latch on similar models but I don’t think ours is
    the same as I’m hitting a brick wall with everything I try.

    Hope you can help.

  11. Barrie Stones says : Reply

    Very clear and well presented. Thanks

  12. Lisa Myrick says : Reply

    Hi. My Bosch 500 series washer is giving me an E:27 error. The door latch
    isn’t catching. Any suggestions? With 3 teens in the home, I use this
    machine daily.

  13. Stephanie Kamara says : Reply

    thanks for ur tips my washing machine door opened.

  14. tangoka04 says : Reply

    thank you for the advice video it help a lot. Unfortunatly mine was option
    3 but at least its open now

  15. Viktor Skarlatov says : Reply

    Thank you! I used the cable from my drill.

  16. Alex D.M. says : Reply

    Thanks man. I used the cable from my earphones and i opened the door!!!

  17. dolfanyan1972 says : Reply

    Thank you worked a treat……5 Stars!!

  18. Ruisantos Rui says : Reply

    Good day
    the his work with machine ariston aqxxf 149 ?????

  19. Ruisantos Rui says : Reply

    this will work with machine ariston aqualtis aqxxf149 ????
    pls say

  20. Morgan Rose says : Reply

    Thankyou! The second option worked on my samsung. I used a wire from the
    back of a picture frame. My husband will be so proud & grateful I didn’t
    require his assistance on this one!

  21. Ruisantos Rui says : Reply

    how to acess incide mecanism to open door washinhg machine ariston aqualtis
    aqxxl149 ????

  22. Steve Lin says : Reply

    great video
    I tried whole night until I find this video. Thank you 🙂

  23. Fernanda Silva says : Reply

    Hi there. Machine was locked for more than 3 days. Could not figure out how
    to open the “b*******y” thing until I saw your video. Tried with a string
    first and was not strong enough then used some garden wire and hurray it
    worked! thanks a lot for great advice man!

  24. Davaadolgor Delger says : Reply


  25. Nisse Hult says : Reply

    Thank you. You saved my day

  26. Phil Doc says : Reply

    Fantastic – just worked a treat using picture hanging wire. I had taken the
    top off and was stuck as to what to do next when I saw this. Thank you for

  27. Matt Ledding says : Reply

    Dollar store headphones worked like a charm.
    Thanks for the video…

  28. verticalsmurf says : Reply

    Thank you so much! I was freaking out as I needed to get my clothes out for
    work tomorrow. My machine has a latch that pulls inwards, I didn’t have any
    cable, cord or string so I got a skinny wire coat hanger and pushed the
    flat side through the gap and that worked

  29. NestyPeach says : Reply

    Thank you so much! saved our clothes!!!!!!

  30. Kai Saarto says : Reply

    Worked great with my Samsung washer.

  31. rachierach says : Reply

    Hi i have a hotpoint that’s handle has snapped off

  32. Pureignition58 says : Reply

    Thank you very much, this was very informative.

  33. UKMusic says : Reply


  34. Andy Barnett says : Reply

    thx worked like a dream………

  35. Campbell Whytock says : Reply

    Thank you so much for this fantastic tip. This allowed me to fit a
    replacement door handle to my Samsung Washing Machine.

  36. Laurie Priestnall says : Reply

    Excellent – did use string and this did work. Saved me £50 call out charge.
    So easy, feel like a washing machine engineer.

  37. Jessica Kipling says : Reply

    Works if your machine is from the 90s

  38. Artfactial says : Reply

    You weren’t kidding about the interlock cover…The one on my Philips
    Whirlpool won’t budge. THe fact that there’s only half a handwith of
    workingspace doesn’t help either. Thanks anyways, asI wouldn’t have known
    what to do, if not for your video.

  39. Maria Goros says : Reply

    Brilliant!! It’s the weekend and a load of washing was stuck in the
    machine! Not ideal… Thank you 🙂

  40. Andrew Hart says : Reply

    Thank you! It was a tight fit on a 2010 Samsung but I was using an old
    audio cable which is probably thicker but it worked.

  41. Larina Robinson says : Reply

    Oh my gosh thank you! Saved my gym gear from being ruined!!

  42. Oli Cansdale says : Reply

    Which there was an emergency open button…. Mine just says “Hot” for hours
    after. Yes I know it’s hot but I don’t care. I’ll use something to get it
    out just let me open the door!

  43. Νικήτας Πασχάλης says : Reply

    Hello. I opened my wash machine’s door by using a chord. I replaced the
    handle as it was broken. But now the door cannot lock. Is it possible that
    the interlock is just blocked and it’s no need to be replaced? What can
    make it lock?

  44. John Lewis says : Reply

    Great, will forward to a friend who has a Bosch with jammed door

  45. Wladimir Mesko says : Reply


  46. Tullio Filippi says : Reply

    Thank you, thank you, thank you … and more

  47. Mary Beecham says : Reply

    this was brilliant advice. It worked. thank you

  48. duffermod1 says : Reply

    Thank you Thank you . I really can’t thank you enough. Used your method
    with lawn strimmer wire worked a treat . Handle broke on a indesit integral
    iwde126 . Only 6 months old . Get this indesit wanted £199:00 to call out
    because we broke it and we weren’t hard with it . Ordered a handle from
    indesit for £20:
    Anyway thank you so much again .

  49. duffermod1 says : Reply

    PS just subscribed . Thanks again

  50. Momo doll says : Reply

    You are huge! thank you so much! I’ve finally opened it and tmrw i’ll try
    to fix the handle 🙂 I’m having kinda fun doing this

  51. nikkiamedacco23 says : Reply

    Thank you! I did this with a Leicester of sewing string and it worked!
    Quick and easy! Thank you much for your helpful video!

  52. Maria V says : Reply

    thank you sooooo much! you saved my day!

  53. itzagiven says : Reply

    I used a broken guitar string and it worked great!

  54. Elaine fox says : Reply

    This video saved the day. Ad used strimmer cord andcalthough didnt work at
    first it finally came open. Brilliant thankyou.

  55. Elaine fox says : Reply

    This video saved the day. Ad used strimmer cord andcalthough didnt work at
    first it finally came open. Brilliant thankyou.

  56. Fernando Sousa says : Reply

    you just save the day! Simply fantastic! God bless you and your familiy!



  57. Theodora Pilates says : Reply

    Any idea if the pin of LG WD 65160 TP faces in or out?? HELP PLEASE!! 🙂
    thank you

  58. Williana Chen says : Reply

    You just saved my life!

  59. emad lak says : Reply

    you are the best

  60. Margaret Roberts says : Reply

    Did’nt work for me

  61. Karim A says : Reply

    Thank you soooo much, you are awesome :-), you saved me a lot of time and
    People like you, for their helpfulness, get always somewhen in life,
    rewarded back and helped when they need that. I wish you that all the way
    and all best for you and your familly

  62. Shankoty Elshankoty says : Reply

    thank you .. after see this vedio im open a washing machine door

  63. Bernadette M says : Reply

    Thank you. You saved the day!

  64. Borek Zanda says : Reply

    Fake video – doesn’t really work.

  65. James Smillie says : Reply

    I used a iphone charger to open mine but the i need a new plastic bit when
    i come to opening the door without doing this over and over

  66. Left Empty says : Reply

    I have a Bosch Machine. How do I take off the side panel so I can access
    the door latch?

  67. Muhammad Ali Mirza says : Reply

    thanks alot! U really helped me! God bless u!!

  68. Mr22101949 says : Reply

    I ways very Happy to see every thing about washing machine good work every
    ONE (Ali)

  69. Sakerele says : Reply

    woooooo!!! saved me bags of time and money. Cheers!

  70. Kosice Conference says : Reply

    Dear how2 I would happily buy you many more than one beer if
    you can tell me how to get into a new Hotpoint hult 742 which has clothes
    in it, no water but won’t open. We have tried your suggestions re wire,
    taking top off but what you describe inside is not the same. The casing of
    the switch is preventing it moving far enough to disengage. Do not expect
    you to know everything!

  71. Rose C says : Reply

    Thank you so much for this! Thought I was going to lose one of my favourite

  72. Hugh says : Reply

    Method 1 works with a friac wa 1453d. Thanks very much for sharing this simple solution.

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