How to fit the new element and thermostat to this Bosch, Neff or Siemens washing machine.

Here is a step by step guide of the process:

We are going to show you how to fit the new element and thermostat to this Bosch, Neff, Siemens or Balay washing machine this process should be pretty similar to your make and model of front loading machine.

Safety first disconnect your washing machine from the power supply and it’s a good idea to turn the washing machine water supply of,

  1. Remove two screws from back of the top panel. These are normally torx head screws and you can get a full set of these torques bits in our tool section.
  2. Take out the soap dispenser draw by pressing the button on top.
  3. Remove front panel after removing screws, do keep these screws separate because they’re stainless steel.
  4. Remove the kick strip and pump flap normally one screw.
  5. Remove this retaining clip which is holding the door seal against the machine. There are lots of different ways that these retaining clips work, see video.
  6. Remove screws that are now holding the front panel of machine on.
  7. Remove door interlock, two screws.
  8. Peel back door seal after taking the retaining clip of. See video
  9. The element is situated at the bottom of the drum. Take photo of the wiring before disconnecting it.
  10. Just uncouple the wires attached to the thermostat. Usually block connector.
  11. Undo this nut which is attached to the retaining clip, with a spanner or a socket. Don’t undo it all the way because you have to tap the nut in, to release the pressure on the seal, then with a flat bade screw driver prise the washing machine heater element away from the outer tube. Be careful with this
  12. The thermostat is a push fit into the element
  13. If you need to check if the element has blown you will need to use a multi-meter to test it.
  14. Replace which part is need and reverse this procedure

Grab the necessary parts and start repairing

11 Responses to “How to fit the new element and thermostat to this Bosch, Neff or Siemens washing machine.”

  1. says : Reply
  2. telosfd says : Reply

    Realy helpful!!!!!!!!!

  3. CugerHunter says : Reply

    Thank you!!
    My washer Nexxt series 500 has cold and hot water supply so I assume there is no heater involved. Any idea why it blows fuse all the time , but when I wash in cold water mode this is ok.

  4. says : Reply

    first you need to look if it has a hater? then if it does watch video for help if it has no heater then you have a short maybe on the motor.
    hope this helps

  5. robert woolrich says : Reply
  6. Barrett Mahan says : Reply

    I am looking for a job my name is barrett Mahan I want to work for siemens
    washer mecheain service technaion.

  7. Nelson says : Reply

    After watching the video, I have realized that the problem with my Bosch front loader could be 2 problems.
    1) Is not the heating element, because the machine is overheating, probably to about 70 degrees Celsius.
    2) It could be the thermostat, how to check it to confirm if it is damaged?
    3) According to others videos they also said it could be the front panel(computer)!

    The only problem is I live in Sydney-Australia and could not get the parts from you. Thank you for the tutorial.

  8. Mario Grima says : Reply

    Excellent video my friend. Very useful. I just had a breakdown on my w/m
    tripping the earth leakage circuit breaker and from my experience I
    immediately thought the fault might be within the heater. Disconnected the
    heater and there it is, the machine is back on. Now all I have to do is to
    replace the heater following the instructions on this remarkable video.
    Well done!!

  9. Christina Fletcher says : Reply

    One of the clearest, most informative, useful videos I’ve ever seen.
    Thanks so much.

  10. Mani Virk says : Reply

    Very useful thank you. Where can I buy the thermostat from please?. Is it
    available at B and Q?

  11. Daniel Nagel says : Reply

    Very useful guide! My WFO2060AU/01 is taking well over 3 hours for the
    1hour program, while the cold program is withing its normal 30-40min
    timeframe. So I would THINK the heater/element is the problem but how can I
    tell for sure if that is the problem before I go buy a new element/heater
    for the machine?

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