Beko cooker not heating up, How to replace oven element

Here is a step by step guide of the process:

This cooker tutorial is on a Beko oven that is not heating up or tripping the electric supply (earth trip or Rcd on fuse board) it can be used on free standing Beko cooker or built in cookers.

Finding the faults:

  1. The first thing you need to check is that the oven timer is not on auto if it is turn it on to manual.
  2. When you turn the oven on that the thermostat light comes on, then after 5 minutes you find that you do not have any heat in the oven then this is a good indication that the oven element has blown and need replacing.
  3. If when you turn the oven on and it trips the electricity (this is the earth trip or Rcd on fuse board) then you have a very good chance that the oven element has gone to earth. You will need to test the element with a mega (earth insulation tester) if there are no clear signs that it has blown.
  4. On most built in ovens you will need to remove the oven from its housing and then start taking it apart.

How to replace your fan oven element in your Beko cooker.

  1. Disconnect the appliance from the electric supply!
  2. Take of the door according to your hinge types see videos on this. This gives you more room to work and stops any damage accruing to the door or hinges.
  3. Now you can remove all oven shelves in the cooker.
  4. Take out the fan guard at the back by removing the screws.
  5. You now need to remove the element screws (see video on this) some can be removed from inside front of oven others have to be removed from back.
  6. Disconnected the wirers from the element (always good practise to take notes of where they came from of take a photograph)
  7. Test element for fault, see our video on this
  8. If the element is faulty replace it.
  9. If this tutorial helped you and you did not by the part from us you can always get paul a beer for making this video tutorial for you. LOL


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Grab the necessary parts and start repairing

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  2. martinguitarhd28 says : Reply

    Hi any chance you could show some more tips on fault finding other parts on
    electric cookers and fridge freezers?

  3. Steven Ross says : Reply

    My oven is currently dead, no power. Its clear the element blew as it has
    a hole in it and there are scorch marks on the back of the oven.

    Is there any internal parts that could be the cause of no electricity. It
    is not a fuse/ trip switch. Its something in the oven

  4. TheMarkdavison1 says : Reply

    Thank you. With the reassurance of this video, I’ve successfully changed
    the heating element on my oven and saved myself a fortune.

  5. Carly Dean says : Reply

    Thank you so much for the upload of this video. I was able to fix my oven
    with only the cost of the element. 🙂

  6. ben yh and what says : Reply

    hi i noticed you did not put the wires back on the same way does this not
    effect anything

  7. Keith Hall says : Reply

    hi my beko double oven heats up for ten minutes then trips the rcd , it
    does this on both ovens and when the grill is on . After it cools down it
    will work again but as before trips ! any ideas please ?

  8. Andrew Birley says : Reply

    Great video, thanks! I did notice that the yellow wire was on the top when
    you took the back off, but that you put the grey wire on the top after
    replacing the element. Does it matter?

  9. Yasmin McGregor says : Reply

    Cheers for this. I was so nervous about changing the element because I had
    never done that before, the video was a big help 🙂

  10. Bernie Wells says : Reply

    Thanks for this – even learned how to use my circuit tester too! Order
    placed for a new element from you.

  11. Shane Bolster says : Reply

    Great video and instructions, misson complete and saved 80 euro… happy

  12. Nikkii Stevens says : Reply

    Very useful thank you ♡ tried subscribing but or kept displaying message
    problem code 404 ? Will keep trying : ) find yr tutorials brilliant & easy
    to follow thanks for the clear demonstrations : ) 5☆

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