Fixing a Washing Machine that Won’t Drain or will not empty, If your washing machine has no problem filling and the drum is turning on the wash cycle (agitating), but then sticks on timer and does not drain your problem is one of 4 things. The sump hose has something stuck in it or the

Cooker Hood Extractor Fault Diagnosis Cooker hood Extractors are usually simple enough appliances to diagnose faults on and to repair With our series of video repair guides showing you how to change the individual parts and fix your cooker hood extractor correctly. Component Parts Whether you have a standard cooker hood extractor or the integrated

How to Diagnose Dishwasher Fault and finding the right repair guide. Dishwashers are not a simple appliance that people might think. In fact, a dishwasher can often be more complex and expensive to manufacture than a washing machine! Dishwashers are constructed as a wash tank that fits into your kitchen unit (usually stainless steel but

How to diagnose and fault find on a Fridge Freezer, Freezer or Fridge Common fridge and freezer faults Safety First, When accessing the fidge, freezer or fridge freezer, make sure you disconnect the machine from the electric supply Fridge too cold or too warm     Thermostat tube blocked or covered: Check thermostat accuracy with thermometer. Thermostat

Tumble Dryer Basic Fault Finding How to Repair a Tumble Dryer Repairing a tumble dryer is often a relatively simple task for most people reasonably competent in DIY and working with electrical products Of course things get a little more complex when working with condenser tumble dryers. Vented tumble dryers are the most reliable and

This video will help you find the leak on a washing machine Water leaking from behind the front panel The washing machine door seal  is the most common cause for any leak on a washing machine, just because you cannot see one on first inspection does not mean there is not one there. Check in

In order to find specific parts for your washing machine, you need to know your model number this video will show you all the different locations manufactures use. Most washing machines have the id plate behind the door, either on the inside of the door or near the hinge or on the door frame of

How to find your fault on your washing machine. This short guide is designed to outline the most common problems, a washing machine, although many people that read this tutorial are looking for a quick way to find out how to repair a washing machine there are not really any shortcuts. What this guide is

Videos and instructions on, how to fix and repair your cooker or oven. Also the cheapest way to find the spare part for your cooker oven and hob. Oven and Cooker Fault Finding How to Repair an Oven or Cooker For the most basic ovens they are usually quite simple appliances, some top end manufactures


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