Bosch washing machine will not spin.

Here is a step by step guide of the process:

There are a number of reasons why your Bosch washing machine will not spin,

If you need Bosch carbon brushes click here

1                 Bosch washing machine carbon brushes do wear down and this can cause a spinning problem with your washing machine but, the machine has to be a few years old for this to be the problem and it is easily checked see our video on this or search our site for bosch brushes, you can read more about how to check and replace washing machine carbon brushes here.

2                 If the washing machine carbon brushes are ok you need to get the motor checked then if it is neither of these it might be the  PCB, (printed circuit board) but check all simple faults before going to any expense.

3                 If your Bosch washing machine or washer dryer doesn’t spin the first thing to check is the filter, if the machine has one. Blocked filters are the most common cause of not spinning, often accompanied by the other fault, not draining. Pull the filter out and clear out anything that you find in the washing machine drain pump, for more on how to do this please see this the tutorial about washing machine drain pumps. You really should do this on at least a semi-regular basis anyway; most manufacturers say clear the filter every week depending on the amount of use. Once a month in our opinion.

If your washing machine does not have a filter then you can check the sump hose as there is normally a trap there to catch unwanted items like coins etc.

4                 PCB, (printed circuit boards) electronic modules or however you choose to refer to them do cause issues with spinning, or not spinning, but on most occasions  these are caused by other faults,

See other videos on Bosch repairs to try and find out why your Bosch washing machine will not spin.

This is the video transcript.
Hi welcome to how to repair
This fault finding guide is on a Bosch washing machine that will not spin
Now there are three possibilities to this fault
the first Is you could have a blockage in the
Machine and therefore the machine it’s still full of water
And unable to go into the spin cycle the
Second fault is you may have a motor fault
Now this could be something simple like a set of
Brushes needing to be replaced or you may need to replace the motor
The third fault is it possibly could be a wiring harness fault
Or one of the printed circuit boards have stopped working correctly
You can find all these tutorials at our website
Or you can click on the video to the left
To show you how to change the brushes
For the video on the right to show you
How to unblock the machine
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10 Responses to “Bosch washing machine will not spin.”

  1. plexusid says : Reply

    Thanks. ! Very pleased viewer. The video links, let me find my problem and
    fix it too. I am happy out!. Was replacement pump. (decided to check the
    brushes while I was at it. (however, machine didnt do anything until it
    was reset ,… some more googleing and after setting to a full 90 wash
    cycle washing super! (Bosch classixx 6 1200) thanks

  2. Walt says : Reply

    Hi I have a Bosch WKF2401 washer with machine that will not go into spin cycle. The drain is not blocked. There is no water in it and the pressure switch is working correctly. The brushes have been replaced. The machine washes fine but when it needs to go into spin cycle the machine tries to spin several times then just bypasses the cycle and quits with a CL code. It does not seem to matter what the selector spin cycle is set to. The time will vary depending upon the selector, but every time the machine will try to spin several times and then just quit which is reflected in the timer as well as you can see 11 minutes on the display one second and then 1 minute the next.
    I live if Canada and cannot find a service person to service the machine. They say that there are no spares and they no longer support it. I would really appreciate any help to diagnose this machine. I will pull out the motor and test it next as per your video. I am hoping for you could guide me on how to test the PCB.

  3. jim says : Reply

    i cant remove my carbon brushes, i have taken off the spade connectors and the H clip but the brushes only come out half way. Has any body got any answers. Jim

  4. Katie Paine says : Reply

    Hi, I have a Beko WM74135W it started giving off a burning smell and making a crackling noise. I changed the Carbon Brushes and now it won’t spin but it was spinning. Any ideas?

  5. Jeff Bruckner says : Reply

    followed advice. machine fixed. £20:00. thanks!

  6. Jeff Bruckner says : Reply

    followed advice. machine fixed. £20:00. thanks!

  7. Colin Riley says : Reply

    And if its the circuit board you are well and truely screwed cos the
    control board alone is over $700 Aus. Or the equivalent in pounds. In my
    case it is the circuit board and after a year of nobody wanting to even
    look at fixing the board I am now about to do it myself. Its a LED driver
    cost $7.00 from China. I hate the throw away attitude of this new world.
    Micro soldering and hot air soldering but i am not willing to chuck away an
    $1100 machine for a small cheap component.

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